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Dashin n' Slashin' is a fast paced action game about dashing and slashing your way through all the enemies in a level and running back to the door before time runs out.

LEFTClick to swing
RIGHTClick to dash :: invincible while dashing, even if swinging mid-dash

Hold SPACEfor bullet time :: speeds up the level timer :: i think this mechanic may be a bit redundant but it may add an interesting element to the game for some, so i left it in. who doesn't like dodging bullets anyway.

R to restart :: or LeftClick when dead

WASD to move

I think i didn't make the best use of the theme but I do think I made a pretty fun game.

made for Let's Create Game Jam #1

Hosted by Matthewpalaje

Developed with GameMaker Studio


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Dashin n' Slashin.exe 3 MB

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